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What if it was possible to knock five shots off your score without changing your swing?

The mental game accounts for a large percentage of the game of golf. So why is it that so few players spend any time working on the mental game? And where does a player of any standard go for a lesson on the mental game?

"It's about dealing with it, giving it your best and seeing what happens. And there are never any excuses. You just go out and play, and that's the beauty of it - getting out there and enjoying the opportunity to compete whether you're 100% or not. You're out in the environment so let go"

Tiger Woods

Almost all tour golfers nowadays have their own mind coach. Just think how much your game could improve if you could learn and implement the 'secrets' of the top golfers in the world.

How much would you like to:-

  • Beat those first-tee nerves
  • Feel more in control
  • Access 'the zone' quickly and easily
  • Improve your putting
  • Make practice much more effective
  • Lower your handicap
  • Stop beating yourself up
  • Make golf more fun

Robert McKinnon is the only registered Mind Factor coach in Nottingham and he has been personally trained by Dr. Karl Morris at the Mind Factor Institute. The techniques used are very simple to learn and apply, yet they are very effective. Karl himself has worked with and significantly helped many top golfers including Darren Clarke, Paul McGinley, Lee Westwood and Graeme McDowell.

Here's an amazing video of Tiger in which he talks about "getting out of my own way and just let the training take over". Imagine what would happen to your own scores if you could learn to do just that.

Tiger Zone

Tiger Woods in the Peak Performance Zone

For more information please call Robert on 0115 9871581

These are the main areas covered in the full 'Mind Factor' programme:-

  • Setting your goals. Basic principles of the Mind Factor. How to arrive at the course in a relaxed state. Understanding two types of practice, and how to practice much more effectively. What to do when positive thinking doesn't work (and it rarely does) - the important concept of 'neutral thinking'.
  • The importance of routine and how to develop your own. The concept of zone golf. How to get into the ‘zone’ and how to visualise properly. The importance and power of body language and correct breathing. How to think like "Tiger" and many other top professionals.
  • What to do between shots (the ‘non-golf’ game) so as to preserve your mental strength. How to be more relaxed on the greens so you can be more consistent with your putting. Working with anger and frustration.
  • Managing your memories: Releasing yourself from poor shots, bad rounds etc. How to instantly recall your good shots. We will also review your progress, and work on any other specific areas where you want to improve.

"This is essential information" - Graeme McDowell, Winner of Bells Scottish Open, 2008 and member of the European Ryder Cup team

Programme options and prices

Please note that the sessions will be tailored to your own specific needs.

Tour professional package: Either I come to a venue of your own choice, or you come to me, and have four 90 minute sessions spread over a period of between six and twelve months. Support by either telephone of email is included - £450 in advance or £150 per session. (Note. travelling expenses may be added if I come to you). This option is also recommended for club professionals as you will be able to teach the various techniques to your students.

Club golfer package: Suitable for low and medium handicap players who want to take their game to the next level. You come to me and have three sessions of approximately 90 minutes each spread over a period of about six months - £250 in advance or £100 per session. 

Basic package: Suitable for anyone who wants to improve their game. You have a two hour one-to-one session where we will cover all of the essential elements of the Mind Factor approach. You will learn techniques that you can apply on the range, the practice green and on the course itself. £80 Note. Bring a friend or two and share the cost!

To book simply call Robert McKinnon on 0115 9871581, or send an email to [email protected]